Can bicyclists ride against the direction of pedestrians on sidewalks? Are bicyclists even allowed on sidewalks? Check out the answers in the video! The full transcript is below.


As you learned, Florida bicyclists can ride against the direction of pedestrians on sidewalks. Indeed, under Florida Statute Section 316.2095(9), Florida bicycles have all the right and duties as pedestrians on sidewalks. But, bicyclists (and drivers!) must be careful when approaching drivers leaving driveways and roads as they may not anticipate bicyclists from the opposite direction.

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Full Transcript

00:07  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette
00:09  law and i am a florida bicycle accident
00:12  attorney
00:13  the question for today is
00:15  can bicyclists ride against the
00:17  direction of pedestrians on sidewalks
00:20  and the answer is yes
00:23  just as bicyclists have all the rights
00:25  and duties as drivers on the roadways
00:29  bicyclists have all the rights and
00:31  duties of pedestrians on sidewalks
00:34  and the reason for this is that Florida
00:36  law specifically states that bicyclists
00:38  have all the rights of pedestrians on
00:40  sidewalks
00:42  it’s important though that bicyclists
00:44  remember that drivers leaving crosswalks
00:46  and driveways may not anticipate
00:48  bicyclists coming from the opposite
00:50  direction
00:51  so both bicyclists and drivers must
00:53  always be aware on the lookout for each
00:55  other
00:56  as always ride safely