Can a car park in a bike lane in Florida? Check out the following video for the answer! The full transcript is below.



In Florida, cars cannot park in bike lanes. Indeed, Florida Statute Section 316.1945 prohibits it. However, Florida Statute Section 316.1945 states that cars can park in bike lanes to avoid conflict with other traffic, to be in compliance with law, directions of a police officer, or traffic devices.

Of course, just because a bicyclist hits a car parked in the bike lane does not mean the driver or owner of the car is automatically negligent. If a bicyclist has an opportunity to safely avoid the parked car, he or she must do so. If the bicyclist does not, there is an argument to be made that the bicyclist is comparatively negligent.

Of course, every bicycle accident must be studied and reviewed on its own merits!

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00:06  hi i’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette Law
00:08  and I’m a Florida personal injury lawyer
00:12  and today I’d like to talk about cars
00:14 parked in bicycle lanes is it legal in
00:16  Florida
00:17  well the answer is no
00:19  under Florida Statute 316.1945
00:23  cars are not allowed to park in bicycle
00:26  lanes
00:27  what does this mean if you’re a
00:29  bicyclist and you hit a car parked in a
00:31  bicycle lane
00:33  well first things first
00:35  violation of a Florida Statute is
00:38  evidence of negligence
00:39  however this does not mean you
00:42  automatically win your case if you’re a
00:44  bicyclist and you see a car parked in a
00:47  bicycle lane
00:48  and you have an opportunity to go around
00:51  it and you don’t
00:53  this suggests you may have also been
00:54  comparatively negligent in your bicycle
00:57  accident so as you can tell every case
01:00  has to be determined on its merits
01:03  as always
01:04  ride safely