Bicycle Safety – What To Do Before You Hit The Road

Riding your bicycle is a wonderful way to exercise, relieve stress, and enjoy the outdoors. Here in Boca Raton, our city gives us so many wonderful options for bicycling – by the beach, in our beautiful parks, and in our neighborhoods.

But bicycling can be dangerous.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2018 there were 857 bicyclists killed in traffic crashes.

What are some simple safety steps you can take before you get on your bicycle? Here are 7 easy safety steps you can follow before getting on your bicycle.

First: Wear Your Helmet

Get a proper fitting helmet. I recognize this may not seem necessary, especially for short leisure rides.

But helmets can prevent serious injury. In fact, helmet reduce risk of head injury by more than 50%!

Helmets make a difference. Wear yours.

Second: Check And Maintain Your Bicycle

Your bicycle, like your car, needs regular care and maintenance.

It is recommended you tune up your bicycle at least once a year. And if you ride frequently, then you should get more tune ups.

Third: Wear Bright, Reflective Clothes

When you are on your bicycle, you want drivers to see you. Wear bright, reflective clothes especially at morning and night.

Fourth: Be Alert

Do not ride with headphones or use any electronic device that might distract you. You need to be alert and have all of your senses.

Fifth: Ride With A Friend

If you are with a friend, it is more likely drivers will see you. Plus, you can look out for each other.

Sixth: Choose A Safe Route

Before you get on your bicycle, consider what is the safest route or trip. It is better to add a few minutes to your ride than to take an unsafe route.

Seventh: Do Not Drink Alcohol

Alcohol, of course, will affect and impair your ability to ride your bicycle. Never, ever drink before riding your bicycle.

What is more, under Florida law bicycles are treated as vehicles. This means you can be arrested and convicted for driving under the influence.

Again never, ever drink before getting on your bicycle.

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Before you hit the road, consider the bicycle safety steps discussed above.

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