Case Study: A 2020 Car Accident

We are proud to announce a recent settlement – a $20,000 car accident settlement!

Here are some of the background details of the car accident.

First, the car accident happened in May 2020 on I-95 in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The driver that hit my client claimed that my client drove into his lane and hit him. However, my client disagreed and claimed the driver drove into her lane and hit her.

In my 16-plus years as a personal injury attorney in South Florida, I have handled many car accidents on I-95 in Palm Beach County and Broward County. Driving on I-95 can be dangerous, even in light traffic. Drive safely.

Covid-19 Did Not Impact My Client’s Medical Treatment

Second, shortly after the accident, my client got medical treatment. As I have written about before, Covid-19 has caused delays in personal injury claims. Thankfully, this did not happen here as my client got medical care and treatment without delay.

Full Policy Limits Settlement

Third, the settlement represented all available insurance policy limits. As I do with all car accident cases, I investigate all potential sources of insurance coverage.

Florida is notorious for having a large percentage of drivers without insurance coverage. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 26% of drivers in Florida do not have car insurance. Fortunately, all parties had car insurance.

The Car Accident Took 6 Months From Beginning To End

Fourth, I’m proud of our ability to move and settle this case quickly. Specifically, it took 6 months from the date of the accident to settle the case. I have to admit, this is a bit unusual. Car accident claims – and most personal injury claims – take longer.

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I am proud of this $20,000 car accident settlement.

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