We are pleased to report a $18,500 car accident settlement! Notably, our client had a 1,366 delay in medical treatment. Let’s discuss the case details.

Approximately 4 years ago, our client was involved in a car accident near Tampa, Florida. Right after the incident, he went to the emergency room because he felt pain in multiple areas of his body. While the doctors ruled out any broken bones, he was in pain for some time.

For personal reasons, our client decided not to pursue a car accident claim or seek follow up medical treatment. In our experience, this is not unusual. As an example, we have often met with clients who wait to bring a claim or seek medical treatment because they were embarrassed to be involved in a car accident.

Our client contacted us and explained he still felt pain in various body parts. Our client then sought follow-up medical care and we obtained various records, including records from the emergency room and records showing the damage to his vehicle. Notably, the accident caused quite a bit of damage to our client’s vehicle.

When it came time to negotiate, the insurance company highlighted that there was a 1,366 delay in medical treatment. In response, our client provided a detailed, personal letter why he did not seek follow-up medical care. Indeed, just because there was a delay in medical treatment did not mean our client did not have a legitimate claim or was not injured.

Thankfully, the insurance company understood why our client delayed in seeking medical treatment and agreed to settle for $18,500. Our client was very happy with the outcome. Indeed, he initially had little hope he would recover anything given the delay in treatment. So he was pleased when we obtained a financial recovery on his behalf. We were happy, too, as our client was able to get justice and close the chapter on his car accident.

Of course, don’t wait to pursue a car accident claim. If you wait too long, you may waive your rights to bring a claim. But if you have been involved in a car accident and delayed in seeking medical care or pursuing a claim, don’t give up hope just yet. Contact us today as we may be able to help you with your car accident claim.

It would be our privilege to represent you!