We are happy to report a $105,000 car accident settlement! Here are the details of the car accident.

My client was driving his vehicle when he was hit head on by another vehicle. In fact, the negligent driver who hit my client’s vehicle not only hit him head on, but also drove into my client’s lane!

My client was taken to the hospital where he received immediate medical care. My client sustained various injuries, including hearing loss and tinnitus caused by the airbags that deployed in his vehicle. Indeed, airbags can cause hearing loss and related injuries.

Eventually, we sent a car accident demand letter and settled with the negligent driver’s insurance carrier as well as my client’s underinsured motor carrier.

Our client, a great guy and deserving client, was happy with the outcome and pleased to see his car accident case settle on good terms.

At Barthelette Law, we proudly represent car accident victims! It would be our privilege to represent you in your car accident case.

*Please note every case is different, and so prior results do not guarantee the same or similar outcome.